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United For Animals

CELEBRATES and is proud to have initiated, promoted and supported the successful passage of ground breaking motivational spay/neuter legislation in St. Lucie County and the City of Ft. Pierce.


This legislation known as "Differential Pet Licensing", and supportive spaying and neutering voucher programs, has resulted in significant and impactful animal impoundment reduction and animal euthanasia decreases. This has resulted in meaningful reductions in costs to taxpayers since the program's inception over a 5 year fiscal period.


This progressive licensing requirement rewards citizens who spay and neuter their pets by offering a lower yearly pet license fee than those who select not to, thus motivating more pet owning citizens to fix their pets which positively impacts the problem of pet overpopulation and resulting horrors.

It's been a powerful tool and inception in the daily challenge of making the winning argument to those who are resistant to the infinite benefits of responsible spaying and neutering.

Here are some of the numbers:
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